Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzan Warns From Studying with the Likes of al-Hajuri Who Cause People to Doubt About Their Aqidah
Monday, March 18 2013 - by Manhaj.Com
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Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzan Warns From Studying with the Likes of al-Hajuri Who Have No Firm Grounding in Knowledge

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Question: This questioner says: A teachers says the following statements to his students: a) Verily Allaah made istiwaa over his Throne without touching (a saying of Ahl al-Kalaam) then he recanted, b) The Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) erred in the story of frowning and turning away (in Surah al-Abasa), then he recanted, c) He ascribed to Shaykh al-Islam (Ibn Taymiyyah) the saying of tasalsul, then he recanted, and likewise, there are numerous other mistakes. So is the likes of this one studied with?

The Shaykh's answer:

هذا مشكك يشكك الناس في أمور عقيد تهم ولا يجوز أن يدرس عنده ولا إن يتلقى العلم عنه لا أن هذا من أهل الضلال يشكك الناس ويظهر عقيدته الباطلة فإذا رأى الناس استنكروا عليه اظهر التراجع خديعة فلا يجوز قبول هذا الشخص ولا التتلمذ عليه ويجب الحذر منه

This is one who causes doubts, he makes the people doubt about the affairs of their aqidah. It is not permissible to study with him, nor to take knowledge from him because (the likes of) this one is from the people of misguidance. He causes the people to doubt, proclaims his false aqidah and then when he sees that the people have shown rejection against him, he proclaims recantation, out of deception. So it is not permissible to accept (accommodate) this person and nor to study under him, rather it is obligatory to warn against him.

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