The Ghuluww Towards Yahyaa al-Haddaadi: Part 5 - Who are al-Shafi'ee, Yahya bin Qattan, al-Khatib and Imaam Ahmad Compared to Yahyaa the 'Superstar'?
Monday, March 25 2013 - by Manhaj.Com
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Another of the many examples of the Ghuluww (extremism) of the students of al-Hajuri al-Haddadi towards him is the following (and these are widespread and established and the recordings are present):

فلو للشـافعي لقـاء ودٍّ *** بكم لبدا به بكم احتـفاء

ولو يحيى بن قطان رآكم *** لقدمـكم ولنقطع المـراء

ولو أن الخطـيب له لقاء *** بكم ما شك أنكم الوعـاء

ولو بشر رآك دنـا بزهد *** وهـان بأحمد حـقاً بـلاء

ولو أحيا الإله رجال علم *** لقالوا أنت يا يحيى الضيـاء


O Yahya, had Imaam al-Shafi'ee met with you, he would have commenced the celebratory reception (for you). And had Yahyaa bin Qattaan seen you, he would have put you forward and we would have ended the dispute. And had al-Khateeb (al-Baghdadi) met him (al-Hajuri), he would have no doubt that you are a vast receptacle (of knowledge). And had Bishr (al-Haafee) seen you, he would have approached you with asceticism (towards you). And the ordeal of (Imaam Ahmad), in reality, would become insignificant (in comparison with yours). And if Allaah was to revive the men of knowledge, they would have said "You O Yahya are the (illuminating) light."


Yes, of course, Yahya the Superstar, he has reached the constellations in his greatness, and just who is Imaam al-Shafi'ee compared to Yahya al-Haddadi? Al-Shafi'ee would have been the one to initiate the celebratory reception upon meeting al-Hajuri (recognizing the obvious greatness of al-Hajuri). Yahya al-Qattaan would have acknowledged his inferiority in the presence of al-Hajuri. And al-Khateeb would have had to concede that al-Hajuri is the cradle of knowledge. Bishr al-Haafee would have been forced into abject humility in front of al-Hajuri. And O Ahmad, so what of your trials! Just ponder over those of Yahya and your's will become insignificant! And if Allaah revived 14 centuries worth of the men of knowledge they would have collectively chanted, "You O Yahya are the illuminating light!"

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