The Ghuluww Towards Yahyaa al-Haddaadi: Part 7 - Abandon al-Hajuri and Dammaj and the Deen of Allah on the Earth Has Been Abandoned!
Wednesday, March 27 2013 - by Manhaj.Com
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In a piece of poetry titled (زجر المعجبين بأنفسهم), "Rebuking Those Amazed with Themselves..." (how ironic!), the author says:

دماجُ معقِلُ دينِ اللهِ إن خُذلَت *** فإن دينَ الهدى في الأرضِ قد خُذلا


Dammaj is the fortress (sanctuary) of the deen of Allaah. If it is abandoned, the deen of guidance upon the (entire) earth has been abandoned.


We have seen plenty of examples of Ghuluww in Yahya al-Hajuri - in the face of whom 14 centuries of the men of knowledge would not amount to much, and whose melted flesh would become the uncreated speech of Allaah (see here) - and numerous other types of madness which we do not want to repeat here (you can refer to previous articles in this series).

However, part of this Ghuluww is also with respect to Dammaj, and there are abundant examples of this too. The sensible person need only an illustration or two to start seeing the overall pattern, which appears to be: Yahya al-Hajuri is the Imaam of this Earth, nay, he is higher than the constellation of Gemini in his apparent majesty, he has gathered the traits of the earlier and the later ones who if brought in front of al-Hajuri would have all exlaimed in unison, "You O Yahya are the illuminating light" and in turn Dammaj is the sanctuary of Islam, Islam has but receded to Dammaj. And if Dammaj is somehow deserted or abandoned, "the deen of Allaah on the earth" - which implies the deen of Allaah entirely and as a whole - has been deserted(!)

This is clearly the tarbiyah (nurturing, cultivation) that has been taking place for many years and the signs and effects of it have been witnessed and experienced in a very clear fashion. What we have here is really just the tip of the iceberg. When these criticisms, upon evidence and the actual realities, are made clear al-Hajuri and the Hajaawirah resound with their slogan, "Taqleed!" - a pauper's response, a cheap response - indicating that they are not able to address these criticisms that have been made against the excessive Ghuluww coming from some of them and their following the ways of the Sufis.

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