The Ghuluww Towards Yahyaa al-Haddaadi: Part 2 - People Flock to Dammaj As if it is Makkah and People Gather Around al-Hajuri as They Do the Ka'bah!
Saturday, March 23 2013 - by Manhaj.Com
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Another one of the followers of al-Hajuri stated:

ترى القوافل نحو الدار قادمة كأنها مكة تقفوا لها العير وقد أحاطوا بيحيى في مجالسه كما يحيط ببيت الكعبة السور

You see the caravans (of people) approaching the abode (Dammaaj) as if it is Makkah for which the caravans stop. And they encircle Yahya in his sittings just as the circles (of people) encircle the Ka'bah.

Here Dammaaj is treated like the city of Makkah and Yahya al-Haddaadi is treated like the Ka'bah around which the people form circles. This is like or exceeds the way of the Soofees whose praises are nothing to do with the truth and defence of it, but to raise and praise their figureheads in falsehood. Whilst the Soofees have doctrines from which the likes of these statements of exaggeration might arise (so we can understand why they say what they say), what excuse does one who ascribes to knowledge (Yahya al-Haddadi) have in providing a certain type of tarbiyah to his students and followers leading to the likes of these vile statements?

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