The Ghuluww Towards Yahyaa al-Haddaadi: Part 9 - The Hajaawirah of London and His 'Highness' Yahya al-Hajuri Exemplifying the Musk of Paradise
Sunday, April 14 2013 - by Manhaj.Com
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This weekend (Friday - Sunday 12th - 14th April, 2013), the followers of al-Hajuri in the city of London organized a three day seminar. We have seen despicable examples of Ghuluww (extremism) in previous articles in this series, and our aim in this article is to illustrate another sample of this Ghuluww. What is laughable is that whilst they protest against the exposition of their Ghuluww towards "his royal highness" (al-Hajuri) and his majestic flesh, they continue to demonstrate this Ghuluww with no shame.

In the schedule of this conference this weekend, there are 16 lectures running over the three day period. The very last lecture on Sunday (this evening) is stated as follows:

7:30 - 8:00 Maghrib and break

"The last thereof will be the smell of musk..." 8:00 - 9:00 tele-link with the esteemed scholar of Yemen Ashaikh Al'alaama Yahya bin Ali alhajoori.

The title of this lecture has been carefully chosen and indicates the continuing Ghuluww in the way they perceive and view his royal highness, majestic of flesh, Yahya al-Hajuri, star of stars and Imaam of Imaams. The title is taken from the verse in Surah al-Mutaffifeen, (ختامه مسك), and the thinking here is that we will seal the conference, the last thereof will be the smell of the musk of Paradise, and this is in reference to al-Hajuri, who is sealing the conference by his tele-presence and his speech. The followers of al-Hajuri portray and exemplify al-Hajuri's presence and his speech as the musk of Paradise - not surprising when you consider his melted flesh would morph into an uncreated attribute of Allaah, in the words of one of them.

But in contrast, when it comes to the Scholars of the Sunnah, to use a sample from the lexicon of Yahya al-Hajuri, (which is reserved for the Scholars of the Sunnah), one of the Scholars of Madinah, in the view of his royal highness, al-Hajuri, is exemplified as "the fart of an old woman" (this is straight from the mouth of al-Hajuri, and his followers are well aware of this language coming from al-Hajuri).

If a person pays attention carefully to these people, and looks at their writings, one will see that Ghuluww is a staple diet in the camp of al-Hajuri and upon the firmly established (biological) principle, "What goes in, must come out" one will not be surprised in the least any more when witnessing the likes of this emanating from these people.

By this stage in the fitnah, where shock turns into bewilderment and bewilderment turns into laughter, there only remains pity and compassion - nothing else seems to be working. So we make du'a to Allaah, the Mighty and Exalted that He guides these poor souls away from this misguidance and makes them see outside of the bubble they have been encapsulated in, Ameen.

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