The Ghuluww Towards Yahyaa al-Haddaadi: Part 3 - Yahya al-Haddadi, Gemini-Superstar, Has Gathered the Traits of the Prophet, the Companions, the Salaf and the Contemporary Scholars!
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Note: For distribution (through social media etc.) you can use this image file or this PDF file, we advise that you spread this material far and wide so that people may realize that we are in fact dealing with a lunatic fringe, a cult, which has been cultivated upon the madness you are going to witness below.

Abu Hatim Sa'eed bin Di'aas al-Yaafi'ee recited the following lines upon Yahya al-Hajuri's return from Hajj in 1428H:

وتمايلت دماج أثر وصولكم *** طرباً وحق لها تميل وتطرب

فلها بمقدم شيخنا شرفاً كما *** شرفت بمقدم مصطفانا يثرب

وله من الماحي الرسول سماحة *** ومن العلي شجاعة وتوثب

ومن الخليفة بعد موت محمد *** عزم أشد من الحديد وأصلب

ومن الفاروق هيبة صوته *** عند العدو وعند من يتحبب

ومن أبن عفان سخاوت *** نفسه وقفاه ثوب الجود دوماً يسحب

وإذا تلى القرآن عند صلاته *** قلنا أبو موسى الزبيري الاعذب

هو خالد عند الحروب مجالد *** لكنه عند الدنية جندب

وله من الدوسي حفظ حديثه *** وزمانه في الصالحات مركب

ومن أبن عباس غزارة علمه *** تلفيه يفتي والانامل تكتب

ومن المعاوية أبن صخر حلمه *** صار رحيب كالفلاة وأرحب

ألا أذا انتهكت لديه محارم ضاق*** الفضاء وللمهيمن يغضب

وله من أبن العاص جل دهائه *** في الحادثات محنك ومجرب

ومن أبن حنبل صبره وبلائه *** وثباته كالطود لا يتذبذب

ومن الإمام الشافعي ذكائه *** طول المدى بعد العلوم ينقب

ومن أبن تيمية العظيم جهاده *** ضد البواطل لا يكل ولا يتعب

ومن ألإمام الوادعي صلابة *** ومن أبن باز فكرة وتأدب !!

ومن المحدث ناصر تصنيفه *** للكتب في نشر الشريعة يدأب

ومن العثيمين التميمي فقهه *** يبقى يدرس لا يمل وينصب

وفضائل لم أستطع إحصائها *** كلا على مثلي تغيب وتصعب

وقال :

وسما على الاقارن دون تكلفاَ**** وله إلى العليا العلي مركب

وعلى الجوزاء في عليائها ****وكأنه بين الكواكب كوكب .

And here is its translation, sit tight, and be prepared to be astounded:

Dammaaj has inclined (affectionately) upon your arrival with rapture (great delight). And a must it was for it to incline (with affection) and be enraptured.

By the arrival of its Shaykh (Dammaaj) has nobility, just as Yathrib became ennobled by the arrival of our Mustafaa (the Prophet).

And he (al-Hajuri) has the forbearance (kindness) of al-Maahi (the Eraser [of falsehood, shirk]), the Messenger. And (he, Yahya) has of Ali, his bravery and vigour.

And (he has) of the Khalifah after the death of Muhammad (i.e. Abu Bakr), a determination stronger and stiffer than iron.

And (he has) of al-Farooq (i.e. Umar) the filling with awe in the enemy upon (hearing) his voice and in the one who endears him

And of Ibn Affaan (i.e. Uthmaan) the generosity of his soul and donning the garment of munificence always spending from it

And when he recites the Qur'an in prayer, we say the sweetest (voice) of Abu Moosaa al-Zubayree.

He is Khalid (ibn Waleed) in times of war, a gladiator. However in the worldly (affairs), (like) Jundub.

And of al-Doosee, he has the memorization of his hadeeth, and his time spent in righteous deeds is compounded

And (he has) of Ibn Abbaas, the deep-rootedness of knowledge. He delivers verdicts and the fingertips write.

And (he has) of Mu'aawiyah the son of Sakhr, his forbearance, he has become spacious (magnanimous) like an open desert, yet even more so (than the desert).

And when the sanctuaries are violated in his presence, the vastness of space becomes (greatly) constricted and for the sake of al-Muhaymin does he display anger.

And (he has) of Ibn al-Aas his great shrewdness in the affairs, worldly-wise, and experienced.

And (he has) of Ibn Hanbal, his patience and his trials and his firmness like a lofty mountain which does not waver.

And (he has) of Imaam al-Shaafi'ee, his intelligence, for lengthy duration after (acquiring) sciences, he investigates (for more).

And (he has) of Ibn Taymiyyah, the greatness of his jihaad against falsehoods, not becoming fatigued or tired.

And (he has) of the Imaam al-Waadi'ee, his firmness, and of Ibn Baz his thought and refined manners.

And (he has) of the Muhaddith, Naasir (the likes of his) tireless authorship of books in spreading of the Shari'ah.

And (he has) of al-Uthaymeen al-Tamimi his fiqh (understanding), he remains teaching (for length) not tiring but being pitched (ready for more).

And (other) virtuous excellences I am not able to encompass which from the likes of me are hidden and are difficult (to quantify).

And the same author of this poetry also went on to decorate al-Hajuri with the lavish praise:

And over Gemini (is he) in its loftiness and it is as if he is a star amongst the stars.

Notes and Comments

Seriously! Are there any needed?!

Except that we should point out a couple of things: Notice how the author of the poetry mentioned Ali (radiallaahu anhu) first before mentioning Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthmaan (radiallaahu anhum) in the display of virtues. Yes, its a subtle point, but worth pointing out. Note also that al-Hajuri has reached the constellation of Gemini in his loftiness, nay even higher. Next, perhaps he will reach the second heaven. Earlier we saw al-Hajuri being compared to the Ka'bah, this is in addition to being an alleged "Imaam of the Jinn and Men." And now we see al-Hajuri gathering the traits of the Messenger (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam), the Khulafaa, the great Scholars amongst the Companions and many of the other Companions, the great Imaams of the Salaf like Ahmad and al-Shafi'ee and then Ibn Taymiyyah and on to the contemporary Imaams of the Sunnah. Truly a "star amongst stars." Who needs any other scholar in the whole history of Islam when you have Yahya al-Haddaadi al-Hajuri on the seat, towering above the stars, let alone the mountains?

As we said before, what we have here is an idiot (al-Hajuri) who found pleasure in being praised and aggrandized by a bunch of other idiots. He turned Dammaaj from what it used to be in the time of Shaykh Muqbil (rahimahullaah) into a cult-like machinery, a brain collective that cannot expand its thought beyond Dammaaj and which sees no knowledge outside of the seat of al-Hajuri and which sees the Scholars "beneath the feet" and al-Hajuri way above on the other side of the constellation of Gemini. The fools caught up in this mess are motivated only by one thing, to protect and defend this cult-like machinery and hence anyone who does not enter the fold or dares to point out their foolishness and stupidity is an enemy, as if Islam and the Sunnah have receded to Dammaaj. Little is left except to make du'a that Allaah guides these people, because when aql disappears, many of the ways and means of rectification become vain, and there remains but du'a. What a waste of one's youth to be caught up in this mess, Allaah ul-Musta'aan.

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