Shaykh Rabee' Bin Haadee Warns Against the Ghuluww and Haddaadiyyah of Yahya al-Hajuri and Followers
Monday, March 18 2013 - by Manhaj.Com
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Shaykh Rabee on the Fitnah of al-Haajooree and His IgnorantFollowers

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Essential Points

Concerning the view of Yahyaa al-Hajooree and his followers, the Shaykh explained that their behaviour is essentially saying the following, that "All of the Salafiyyeen are Innovators now all of them are Innovators now. The callers and the Scholars, all of them are beneath his (al-Hajuri's) feet now."

Concerning the followers of Yahyaa al-Hajooree, the Shaykh said, "Complaints have come to us from all regions of the earth. Perhaps an individual learns for two days, three months, two months and then he goes far away, to Russia saying, 'Ubayd, Ubayd, Yahyaa. Yahyaa is above the heavens and Ubayd is an innovator. This is their da'wah. Britain, Sudan, Egypt, Turkey, Kenya, Libya, all of the nations are loaded with hatred against the Salafiyyeen and Salafiyyah, (this is) a war which has no equal to it."

Shaykh Rabee' said, "We have remained patient for seven years, whilst letters and complaints were coming to us."

When a students says, "Advise him, O Shaykh, and write him a letter," Shaykh Rabee' replies, "I have already advised him, and I have advised him, and I have advised him, and I have advised him concerning what he has. And at times the advice would go on for two and a half hours. And he would not listen and he would return and he would not have fulfilled his share, may Allaah bless you. And his students are extremists (Ghulaat), with extremism that has no match. Meaning, imaamuth-thaqalayn (Imaam of mankind and the Jinn) and an-naasihul-ameen (trustworthy advisor) extremism and extremism and extremism."

Shaykh Rabee' says to the student, "Go to him and advise him. Do not campaign for him and do not applaud him and take positions as men with regards to him."

Shaykh Rabee' said about al-Hajuri (أَضَرّ النَّاس بِالدَّعْـوَة السَّلَفِيَّة، لاَ أَحَد أَضَرَّ مِنْ يحيى), "The most harmful of people to the Salafi Da'wah, there is no one more harmful than Yahyaa."

Shaykh Rabee' said, "My brother, we have schools... many thousands, all of them are upon the Salafi manhaj, they call to Salafiyyyah and they defend it, (yet) they are all under the feet (according to al-Hajuri and followers). (Such schools are in) the Kingdom, in Yemen, in Algeria, in all of the countries, (but) everything is under the feet."

Shaykh Rabee' said, (هَذِهِ ماهي سَلَفِيَّة، ولا مَنْهَج سَلَفِي), "This is not Salafiyyah and nor is it the Salafi manhaj."

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