Shaykh Ahmad Bazmul on Important Foundations of the Book and Sunnah (Which Oppose and Refute the Mumayyi'ah and Haddaadiyyah) - Part 3
Sunday, April 07 2013 - by Manhaj.Com
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Part 3: An Important Foundation of the Religion - The Avoidance of Tribulations

The Shaykh explained the third important foundation which is the avoidance of tribulations, a Muslim seeks to avoid tribulations and should beware of entering into tribulations. Keeping away from tribulations is from the manhaj of the Righteous Salaf. So what should be the position (way) in the time of tribulations? The Shaykh explained this with the following points:

1) Not delving into and not partaking in disputation, argument as it relates to that tribulation when it arises.

2) To leave the issue to the senior scholars (who have detailed knowledge of the affair), they will delve into the issue and will separate the truth from the falsehood.

3) To benefit from the tawjeehaat (directions, advice) of those senior scholars which is from the angle of knowing the truth from falsehood, not from the angle of delving into tribulation.

4) To avoid what is a dangerous issue which is that a person does not start aiding a person, or a jamaa'ah which has erred (and whose affair is being clarified) [i.e. when it is apparent and clear that the scholars have begun to criticise and make his affair clear].

5) Warning against making the claim (during this tribulation) that the truth cannot be distinguished and that this is a time of fitnah and that we should avoid the entire issue, that the truth has not (and cannot) be distinguished - despite the fact that the scholars have clarified the truth already. The fact is that the truth will always have helpers, supporters, those who clarify it and distinguish it.

End of Part 3. Note that seeking the truth by way of the Scholars of the truth is not considered as partaking in the fitnah (tribulation) as is claimed by the biased partisans. The truth (in each issue) will always have a scholar who will clarify it and explain it, and seeking that truth is what is desired, it is not to be considered as partaking in fitnah.

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