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The Conference of Green Lane Mosque (Singers and Ikhwanis) and Internal Politics: Part 7 - The Continued Deceptions and Games of Madeenah.Con
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Thursday, September 12 2013 - by Manhaj.Com
Key topics: Green Lane Mosque Madeenah.Com Hasan Al-Banna Irjaa

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Tweets Regarding the Pledge

The Madeenah.Con group tweeted the following:

The aim behind these tweets is to show how they were opposed to the pledge and rushed to the Scholars to get clarifications upon it, and they are trying to show to their audience that there is consistency between what they did then and between what they are doing now of promoting the warnings made by Shaykh Wasiullah against the September 6th-8th conference at the MJAH-GLM complex (see here, here, here, here, here and here).

Observations on this Activity

There is a mad rush now by various factions to rally behind Shaykh Wasiullah's warning against this conference and against the current GLM administration. We see Madeenah.Con, the Luton followers of al-Ma'ribee and Halabee all rushing out to make their rejection known against this conference. But years earlier, they were actually using Shaykh Wasiullah to defend Suhaib Hasan, Abdul-Hadi Omari, Shu'ayb al-Mirpuri and others. Further, they were also using Shaykh Wasiullah to undermine and attack Maktabah Salafiyyah (and specific brothers) because Maktabah Salafiyyah was warning against the MJAH-GLM complex and its Ahl al-Hadeeth figureheads for implementing the very manhaj (of that pledge) for which Madeenah.Con is now boasting, "we were the first to..." Leave aside this hypocritical, fraudulent, deceptive speech, and look back at your own actions. First, please study these few matters (just by way of example) - taken from Part 4:

Specimen: A booklet published by MJAH-GLM in 1999 called "The Da'wah to Allaah" and in which they mention exemplary scholars such as Jamal al-Din al-Qasimee, Muhammad Abduh, Hasan al-Banna, Muhammad al-Ghazali, and they mention these people and their da'wah alongside that of Shaykh Muhammad bin Abd al-Wahhab and Shaykh Ibn Baz!

Specimen, Specimen, Specimen, Specimen, Specimen: A conference in Manchester (Didsbury Mosque) in June 2006. List of invited speakers include Suhaib Hasan, Muhammad bin Adam al-Kawthari (sufi saint worshipper, gives fatwas inviting to shirk and denial of uluww of Allaah), Mufti Yusuf Sacha (Tablighi Maturidi Deobandi), Riyadh al-Haqq (Deobandi Maturidi), Awadallah al-Azhari, Kehlan al-Jaboori, Abu Eesa Niamatullah. These specimens are clear proof that Suhaib Hasan was practically implementing the manhaj laid down in the pledge of 2007, before it ever saw the light of day by many long years (going way back into the 1990s in fact). Maktabah Salafiyyah had been warning from this manhaj of Suhaib Hasan since 1996 where his cooperation with Ash'aris and Ikhwanis was well known. However, Shaykh Wasiullah was used to undermine and attack Maktabah Salafiyyah for this very reason whilst today in 2013, because Tawfique Chowdhary put his name to a pledge in 2007 with Sufis, he is declared an innovator and the MJAH-GLM conference is warned against because he is attending. In all that time, these people who are now spreading this speech of Shaykh Wasiullah, they despised and detested that Suhaib Hasan should be warned against. Contradiction. Hypocrisy. Double standards.

Specimen: In the same year as the infamous Sufi pledge initiative (that Tawfique Chowdhary is being lambasted for), Hamza Yusuf published his translation of the Creed of al-Tahawi, for which Suhaib Hasan, the most-prominent and important figure for Markaz Jam'iyyah Ahl al-Hadeeth, wrote a praise and commendation for the translation, comprising a praise for Hamza Yusuf who is from the heads and callers of todays Jahmiyyah. This is from the greatest manifestations of treachery to the creed of Ahl al-Sunnah and its adherents. Despite this, no sign of any furore from those who are now leading the bandwagon against the current MJAH-GLM Admin. No fatwas elicited from Shaykh Wasiullaah against Suhaib Hasan for going further than what Tawfique Chowdhary has done (unless you have evidence to the contrary). Rather, only a year later (in 2008) a group of those waging war against Maktabah Salafiyyah wrote a defence of Suhaib Hasan and got Shaykh Wasiullah to endorse it, and then it was distributed by Madeenah.Con (through Muhammad Akhtar Chaudhury).

Specimen, Specimen: Suhaib Hasan is here participating in the MJAH-GLM conferences of December 2007 along with Abu Usamah Khaleefah, and again in April 2009, along with Ahsan Haneef and Abu Usamah Khaleefah. No one jumped to warn from this conference because a particular speaker (Suhaib Hasan) has a long and established history of cooperating with and sharing platforms with Sufis, Ash'aris, grave-worshippers, Ikhwanis, Tablighis and the likes. On the contrary (see next paragraph below) they were too busy writing defences of Suhaib Hasan and the MJAH-GLM complex and were distributing them against Maktabah Salafiyyah, getting such refutations approved and endorsed by Shaykh Wasiullah Abbas.

The previous four paragraphs - once you have considered them well - lead us to the main point to be made through the next paragraph:

Specimen: A document checked and approved by Shaikh Wasiullah Abbas in 2008, written by a group of people some of whom are affiliated with Madeenah.Con (such as Abdur-Raoof Muhammad - see here). This document was used to defend Suhaib Hasan and MJAH-GLM against the criticisms directed at them by Maktabah Salafiyyah and the calamities of Suhaib Hasan and other heads of Markaz Jam'iyyah Ahl al-Hadeeth were given lame excuses and justified. An updated version was released in June 2009 and this document was mass-promoted by Muhammad Akhtar Chadhury of Madeenah.Com (specimen).

Meaning, that Madeenah.Con are here defending Suhaib Hasan and other Jam'iyyah figureheads against Maktabah Salafiyyah's exposition of their Ikhwani, tamyee'ee manhaj, their promoting the da'wahs of deviants such as Muhammad Abduh, Hasan al-Banna, Muhammad al-Ghazali and others (specimen), their cooperation with Sufis, grave-worshippers (specimen), participating in Milad celebrations (specimen), praising Jahmites and their translations (specimen) and this they did in 2008-2009 (a year or two after the pledge) and yet they boast now how they first translated the pledge and took it to the scholars. Whereas they were defending with a vengeance, those who - even if they did not sign the pledge - were actually implementing it's contents from the 1990s till this day of ours!

Chameleons, Pendulums, Waverers

A chameleon is a reptile that has the ability to change colour, it was endowed with this ability by Allaah, the Exalted. There are also chameleons amongst mankind, and chameleons amongst the people of Islaam and chameleons amongst those claiming to follow the Sunnah. However, changing colours for them is blameworthy and is not in the normal order of things. An appropriate word here is (مذبذبون), "waverers, (pendulums)." Actually, this word is used for the Hypocrites in the Qur'an (4:143), but we are using it here simply for its linguistic meaning to denote unsteadiness, shakiness, and in particular, uncertainty between walaa for Ahl al-Sunnah for their defence of the Sunnah and walaa for Ahl al-Bid'ah despite their clear open misguidance. If you look at the actions of Madeenah.Con, in 2007, they allegedly refute the Sufi pledge by taking it to the Scholars (that's what appears from their outward actions). That sounds good maashaa'Allaah. Meanwhile at the same time they are waging a war against Maktabah Salafiyyah, using Shayhk Wasiullah to undermine them and disparage them. For what? Because they have been outspoken - for a decade prior - against the Ikhwani, Hizbee, Suhaib Hasan and the Jam'iyyah figureheads for being upon the very manhaj that the Sufi pledge laid down. So in 2009 we see Madeenah.Con founders spread a 50-odd page PDF document which is a defence of Suhaib Hasan and the other Jam'iyyah figureheads including Abdul-Hadi Omari and Shu'ayb Mirpuri (specimen, specimen). So here they contradict and nullify their claimed refutation of the pledge. This is plain to anyone who understands basic elementary logic and the concept of the "diametrically oppposed." For those who don't, if you have black, you can't have white, and if you have white, you can't have black. This is diametric opposition. Now, you can't refute the pledge and then defend those who implement, to the first degree, what the pledge calls for and lays down, even if such people never put their name to the pledge, as that is irrelevant, what counts is the actual manhaj being called for in all cases. Then in 2013 they are now spreading the warning of Shaykh Wasiullah from the September 6th-8th 2013 MJAH-GLM conference. Why? Because an individual (Tawfique Chowdhary) who put his name to the pledge was attending... Dear brother and sister, you get the idea!

Madeenah.Con Promoting Shaykh Wasiullah's Unfounded Criticism Against Abu Khadeejah

We should also not forget the following, which also indicates the fraudulent nature of how these people are now positioning themselves (after the September 6th-8th MJAH-GLM conference has opened a can of worms):

Specimen: An article posted on Madeenah.Con, translated by Abdur-Raoof Muhammad (see here) which was Shaykh Wasiullah's unfounded attacks upon Abu Khadeejah. This statement from the Shaykh was engineered by the same crowd who are now using the speech of Shaykh Wasiullah to warn from MJAH-GLM and its conference of 6th-8th September 2013. However, when they were challenged on this issue, and Shaykh Ahmad al-Subay'ee (Kuwait) demanded them to provide evidence for the slanders for whose propagation Shaykh Wasiullah was made to be the vehicle (for the mischief-makers), they (Madeenah.Con) were forced to withdraw this article, and then they put up a clarification which contains much talbees (deception) in that they hid the true and real reason why they were forced to remove it (specimen). It was because a demand was made for them by Shaykh Ahmad to provide specific evidence to back up Shaykh Wasiullah's claims, and they could not. So instead they put up a clarification with their claim that the article was misunderstood and being used wrongly in order to "create a scandal" and "after consulting with Shaykhs in Madinah" they decided to remove the article - when the reality was that had Shaykh Ahmad al-Subay'ee not put them in the corner they would never have taken the article down. Instead to conceal what had been taking place behind the scenes, they made it look as if through consultation with Shaykhs in Madinah (without naming a single one of them) they decided to take the article down. Nadir Ahmed (Madeenah.Con) was the key person involved in this incident and the deceptions involved therein. This was a case of engineered lying and Machiavellian conniving. Shaykh Ahmad Subay'ee spoke to Nadir directly on the phone, and whilst he promised to provide evidence, the liar was unable to because (فاقد الشيء لا يعطيه), "one who does not possess something cannot give it."

The above incident took place in November of 2007 - just a month after the Sufi pledge incident. The reason they propagated this speech of Shaykh Wasiullah is because of Maktabah's Salafiyyah persistent warnings throughout that decade against Suhaib Hasan and the Ikhwani, Turathi manhaj of MJAH-GLM. So once more, lets be clear now, Madeenah.Con are now boasting how they took the pledge to the scholars (in October 2007) and had it refuted. And just a month later they are propagating slanders against Abu Khadeejah through the medium of Shaykh Wasiullah, and the reason behind all of this in the first place is because Abu Khadeejah (and Maktabah Salafiyyah) speak against Suhaib Hasan and the Jam'iyyah figureheads (because they praise, cooperate with Sufis, Jahmis, grave-worshippers and the likes)! Allaahu Akbar! Of what value is your alleged refutation of the pledge by taking it to the Scholars? This behaviour is based upon the understanding of eemaan with the Murji'ah! As in, we say we are Salafi, we defend the Salafi creed and methodology, but in our actions we are going to do the complete opposite of what that creed and methodology necessitates and requires from us - and alongside that our Salafiyyah is intact! This is the deen of the Murji'ah.

Further Reading

Dear reader, we don't want to be making a five-course meal out of this one. If you are smart and honest, you will understand what we are saying. We suggest you go and read the following series that was done in 2011 which looks at the activities of the Madeenah.Con network and its disgraces, contradictions, and other scandals in more detail: The Reality of Tahir Wyatt, Muhammad Akhtar Chaudhury, Nadir Ahmad, Their Associates and the Operation Known as Madeenah.Com / FatwaOnline (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.0, Part 3.1, Part 3.2).

We close with the same speech of Shaykh Rabee' at the beginning - which comprises within it an explanation of the reality of the understanding of eemaan with Ahl al-Sunnah, in opposition to the irjaa' of the Murji'ah:

Don't say about a man who opposes the manhaj of the Salaf that he is a 'Salafee.' No, don't say about a man who opposes the manhaj of the Salaf that he is a Salafee. Don't say that a man is 'Salafee' until you are sure that he is upon the manhaj [of the Salaf]. He is honored by it, and calls to it. He loves and unites based upon it, and hates and separates because of it. This is a Salafee. But someone who claims that he is 'Salafee,' and defends Ahlul-Bid'ah, and defends them against Ahlul-Sunnah, this is not a Salafee whatsoever. Whoever he is, Arab or non-Arab, in the East or in the West, because Salafiyyah has special qualities. Salafiyyah has signs. Salafiyyah has affairs that differentiate its people from others in walaa' and baraa', and 'aqeedah and da'wah, and the stances that they take.

Madeenah.Con are upon this type of dubious questionable Salafiyyah. You profess the Salafi creed, you profess defence of it, you proclaim refutation of the opposers yet in your actions, allegiances and overall da'wah you are the greatest of liars and manifest the greatest of contradictions!

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