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Bayan Talbis al-Muftari: Muhammad Munir and the Fahm (Understanding) of the Salaf
Muḥammad Munīr is a misguided individual who misguides others and is driven by his narcissism to market himself as a full blown, indep ...
Thursday, May 02 2019 - by Admin
Muhammad Munir: When Pride and Arrogance Lead You to Reject Truth and Play Victimhood With Your Audience
Excerpt: In this latest video clip, he is asked a question from someone in Tottenham: Is it correct to call Islām, Judaism and Christianity, ...
Wednesday, May 01 2019 - by Admin
Munir Muhammad: The Dīn of the Jahmites and Ash'arites in Making Oppressive, Foolish Things Possible for Allah
Excerpt:In the above dialogue, Munīr makes it clear to the Christians that he does not have a problem with the concept of someone taking the ...
Monday, April 29 2019 - by Admin
Munir Muḥammad: From Watering Down Manhaj to Watering Down the Affair of Tawhid
Excerpt:...Coming to the issue at hand--it is inevitable that pompous and arrogant indivivduals like Munīr will reveal what is in their heart ...
Monday, April 29 2019 - by Admin
Qutbist Ali al-Timimi in 1998, Qutbist Jihadi-Takfiri Abu Zubayr Saleem Beg in 2000 and Abd al-Haqq Baker in 2017
Sayyid Quṭb (and Mawdūdī) revive ...
Friday, September 15 2017 - by Admin
The Slanders of Ikhwaniyyah Against Salafiyyah: Abdul Haqq Baker and Company Repackaging the 'Cult' Label of the Sururis and Qutbis
Some observations on the reality and background to the ac ...
Thursday, September 14 2017 - by Admin
An Invitation to Munir Muhammad to Repent and Warning From Arrogance and Playing Games with Allah's Deen
In two previous articles ( and ) we highlighted ...
Wednesday, May 01 2019 - by Abu.Iyaad
'Mufti' Muhammad Munir's Accusation of Shirk Akbar Against People of Tawhid and Sunnah and His Revilement of Shaykh Rabee
Muhammad Munir is from the people of Tamyee' who weaken and water down the usool of the religion in orde ...
Thursday, September 21 2017 - by Abu.Iyaad

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