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The Conference of Green Lane Mosque (Singers and Ikhwanis) and Internal Politics: Part 2 - Al-Hidaayah, Markaz Jam'iyyah Ahl al-Hadeeth, Green Lane Mosque, Tawfique Chowdhary, Yasir Qadhi and Mohammad al-Shareef
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Monday, September 02 2013 - by Manhaj.Com
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Ten Years Earlier...

Over ten years ago, in our series, "The Historical Influences and Effects of the Methodologies of al-Ikhwaan al-Muslimoon Upon the Salafi Da'wah", Part 4 (page 33) published on Salafi Publications, the following was listed as one of the numerous fitnahs to affect the course and progression of the Salafi da'wah in the UK:

j) That of al-Hidaayah, the hidden Hizbee private business whose profits came under threat when the Salafi Bookstore was opened close by, and who plotted and planned in secret in order to destroy Maktabah Salafiyyah, and who have allegiances and alliances with the Ikhwanified Markaz Ahl ul-Hadeeth group (where their roots lie), and they also have strong ties and connections to those known for confusion with Qutbiyyah and Surooriyyah and Turaathiyyah like Tawfique Chaudhury and Yasir Qadhi

From the late 1990s and through to early 2000s, those Salafis have never ceased to be vilified and attacked for their activities in clarifying Salafiyyah from a wishy-washy, cloudy and murky Ikhwaniyyah. This murky Ikhwaaniyyah has continually been pushed by the administration of Markaz Jam'iyyah Ahl al-Hadeeth (Green Lane Mosque) throughout that period right until this day of ours. They have had Yasir Qadhi, Tawfiqhue Chowdhary and Muhammad alShareef (all signatories to the pledge with the Jahmiyyah, Qubooriyyah) at the Green Lane Mosque to give lectures previously. The following pictures are of these three individuals lecturing at Green Lane Mosque many years ago. Note that next to Yasir Qadhir in the second picture is Ahsan Hanif, who is a leading member of the current Green Lane Mosque heirarchy and also prominent member of al-Maghrib Institute.

Ten Years Later...

There appears to be - and Allah knows best - a faction present amongst the historical allies of Markaz Jam'iyyah Ahl al-Hadeeth (Green Lane Mosque) who have realized that a continued association with this organization is a liability and further, many of them are also discontent with the activities of Abu Usamah Khaleefah, having seen the pressure coming from certain directions with respect to those activities. So there appears to be an attempt by a band of these people - some of whom are not too willing to reveal their names (as evidenced by their reluctance to reveal who was asking the recent set of questions in relation to Green Lane Mosque) - their aim is to bring down the administration of Green Lane Mosque, specifically those who run al-Hidaayah, in order to achieve a separation so that in eyes of the people it can be seen that they have enjoined the good and forbade the evil and are "defending the Salafi manhaj." This is after a long history of many Shaykhs - including Shaykh Muqbil bin Haadee, Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadee, Shaykh Rabee' bin Haadee, Shaykh Ubayd al-Jaabiree, Shaykh Ahmad al-Najmee and numerous others - having made the affairs sufficiently clear, stretching back to at least over 15 years ago. Yet this same band of people showed enmity and opposition to those who brought these clarifications and warned from the tribulation of those people (Markaz Jam'iyyah Ahl al-Hadeeth and Green Lane Mosque). Therefore, We would like to warn the people not to be deceived by these activities because behind them are realities that are hidden and motives and reasons which are concealed and as the days pass, these realities will become more and more apparent by Allaah's permission.

A Brief Comment to Observe and Keep in Mind (For the Next Ten Years)...

There have been power struggles within the Markaz Jam'iyyah Ahl al-Hadeeth and Green Lane Mosque nexus which have actually spilled over into legal battles as well. These affairs are nothing new - and when a people are not united upon the usool of creed and methodology, but have other interests at play, then their hearts will be and will remain divided. No matter what each party seeks, they are still nevertheless united upon the same underlying (corrupt) manhaj that is making them behave in these types of ways.

More importantly, we have to ask where exactly has this new band of people come from who are now refuting Green Lane Mosque? What are their names, where have they been for the past 15 years (if they were around for that long), and what value did they place to the refutations of the Salafi scholars that have spoken against this group up to 15 years ago? Further, why have they relied upon the saying of one Shaykh in 2013 when a large number of the Mashaayikh have preceded him in this matter by up to 15 years? And finally, why is it that this new band of people have no connection or affiliation (as in ta'aawun, mahabbah and walaa) with the dozen or so Salafi centres and mosques up and down the country? Is this an attempt by a yet unknown faction to disassociate themselves from this mess? And is their aim, and Allaah knows best, to shake off the baggage of Green Lane Mosque (because it can no longer serve their long term interests) and to set up another front to continue treading the same path that they may have been upon for the past 10 years? Allaah knows best the answers to these questions.

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