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The Misguided Ikhwani Shadeed Muhammad: Part 7: Ahl al-Kitab and Mushrikeen Closer to Allaah in Worship and Devotion than Many Muslims
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Monday, October 02 2017 - by Abu.Iyaad
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We were sent a clip from a lecture given by Shadeed Muhammad On 29th September 2017 related to social responsibilities of the Muslim community. Within this clip, Shadeed expresses a statement in which there is a validation of the deen of the Ahl al-Kitab and Mushrikeen. He asserts that it maybe the case that (non Muslims and other faith traditions (which means Ahl al-Kitab and Mushrikeen) are closer to Allaah due to their devotion, worship and service to humanity than many Muslims (who are people of Tawhid).

Listen to the audio: (MP3 file).

So how much are we really isolating ourselves as a Muslim community. We talk the talk but we don't really walk the walk. We talk, you know the Islamic community, but the fact of the matter is that the lines have been blurred between the Islamic community and the non-Islamic community, evidenced by how we carry ourselves. And that doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing, because not all non-Muslims or not other faith-traditions are immoral and sacriligious as we would like to paint them to be. As a matter of fact, some of them might be, you know, closer to God in terms of their worship, in terms of their religious devotion, in terms of their service to humanity than many of us as Muslims.

If we were to render this in Arabic as close as possible, it could be as follows:

في الواقع، قد يكون البعض منهم، كما تعلمون، أقرب إلى الله من حيث عبادتهم، من حيث تدينهم، من حيث خدمتهم للبشرية من كثير منا كمسلمين.

Upon this are some observations:

  1. The statement under question, which has been highlighted, is a standalone statement, comprising a complete meaning in and of itself. It does not require anything before it or after it (and we have listened to that) for it to be understood, or for it to be given a context that would alter its substance. It is a complete meaning in and of itself.

  2. In this statement Shadeed is asserting that it might be the case that the Ahl al-Kitab and Mushrikeen (they are the only two categories that exist besides the Muslims) are closer to Allaah in terms of their worship (ibaadah) and religious devotion and service to humanity than many Muslims. Within this is a validation of the deen of Ahl al-Kitab and Mushrikeen as an acceptable religion. Now, these are the implications of Shadeed's words and out of justice, we will not say that he is intending, deliberately to validate these adyaan. Rather, we say he is an ignoramus who, due to his jahl, does not know what he is saying. He often gets caught in the emotion of the particular thought he is getting across and will insert another statement or a thought without really thinking about it, and make terrible mistakes in the process (like he did here, speaking ill of Allaah, the Mighty and Majestic). Nevertheless, despite giving him that excuse, this does not mean that we let this baatil (falsehood) pass untouched. His speech is baatil (falsehood) and kufr (disbelief), without that necessitating that we have passed judgement upon him. We excuse him with jahl (ignorance) and khata' (error) - unless he persists in defending this statement after its falsehood has been made clear.

  3. From the nawaaqid of Islam is to validate the deen of the mushrikeen by considering their way (madhhab) to be valid.

    من لم يكفر المشركين، أوشك في كفرهم، أو صحح مذهبهم. كفر إجماعاً

  4. To say that Ahl al-Kitab and Mushrikeen are "closer to Allaah" in terms of their "worship and religious devotion" than many of the Muslims is a validation of their worship and devotion. Whereas the Qur'an in many places (beginning of Surah al-Ghaashiyah, Surah al-Bayyinah, 25:23) falsifies this worship. This is not acceptable worship, but futile worship, and no one is "close" to Allaah with futile worship resting upon a deen of kufr that is mubaddal and muharraf.

  5. To say therefore that maybe a mushrik is closer to Allaah in terms of worship and religious devotion than a muwahhid upon Islam, irrespective of his sin and disobedience, then this is a statement of kufr. Shadeed must recant from this statement, make tawbah to Allaah.

  6. It would not have been a problem if Shadeed said: "Some of the non-Muslims and faith traditions have a greater amount of devotion to their religion (and to their deities) than many of us do as Muslims to our religion and to Allah" - this meaning, there is nothing wrong with it, it is saying something that would be factual and true. But as for saying they are "closer to Allaah" on account of their "worship and devotion" then this is baatil and it is a statement that contains validation of their religion.

This matter is simple enough for any person of Tawhid to understand and does not require any further comment. It does not require any detailed refutations or citing of lots of texts as any child who has been taught the basics of Tawhid and Islam knows of its futility. Shadeed is a graduate of the Islamic University of Madinah and has even compiled a book on Tawhid taken from the writings of the A'immat al-Da'wah. This shows that tawfeeq is purely from Allaah and certificates are not a proof in and of themselves that a person has actual fiqh in the religion.

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