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Message of Advice from al-Allāmah Rabī bin Hādī to ʿAbd al-Raḥmān al-ʿUmaysān and a Response to a Doubt Regarding the Bayān of Maktabah Salafiyyahʿ
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Wednesday, May 16 2018 - by Admin
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Message of Advice from al-ʿAllāmah Rabī bin Hādī al-Madkhalī to ʿAbd al-Raḥmān al-ʿUmaysān

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Response to a Doubt Regarding the Bayān of Maktabah Salafiyyah Regarding Labelling Others as "Ṣaʿāfiqah"

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Our bayān simply states that some of us sat with Shaykh Muḥammad bin Hādī--as we routinely do on our visits during Umrah and Hajj--and that when he invited us [Abu Khadījah, Abū Ḥakīm, Hasan al-Somālī, Abdulilāh, Uways and Isaam al-Maghrabi] to his house last year [on the night of 15 Rajab 1438, 11 April 2017, the day after he gave a lecture for us at our dawrah], he raised the issue himself. He began speaking against the students of knowledge in question, refuting them and disparaging them but did not make apparent evidences which necessitated that they be boycotted and warned against. Hence, our statement in the bayān.

Further, this point is meaningless and is a diversion from the fact that Shaykh Rabīʿ bin Hādī rejected the notion that Shaykh Muḥammad can just disparage well-known Salafi students who are recognised for knowledge, possess qualifications and have efforts in daʿwah without having to provide evidence. When the alleged evidence was brought to him in a compiled file and he read it all, from beginning to end, letter by letter (as the Shaykh has himself repeatedly affirmed), he found that there is no evidence in reality and that Shaykh Muḥammad has wronged those whom he spoke about.

So making an issue about our bayān is just a diversion and is invalid from two angles:

  1. Our bayān did not state that Maktabah Salafiyyah, "asked Shaykh Muḥammad for proofs but he did not provide them" at all. Rather it stated that "he did not make apparent any evidences which necessitate revilement and warning".

  2. Regardless, the fact remains that Shaykh Muḥammad has no proof for the serious revilement and warning he has made against Salafi shaykhs and students of knowledge. He has called for them to be boycotted without a shred of proof that necessitates such a severe warning.

The reality is that Shaykh Rabīʿ received evidences from Shaykh Muḥammad but there was nothing in them to warrant his stance. If that is the case, then of what benefit is it to allege that Maktabah Salafiyyah claimed in their bayān that "they requested him for evidences but he did not provide them", when:

  1. There is no such statement in our bayān at all, and

  2. Someone much greater than us, Shaykh Rabīʿ, received evidences from Shaykh Muḥammad which he dismissed and rejected because they amounted to nothing in reality.

  3. Shaykh Rabīʿ has repeatedly asked for valid evidences to be provided by the Musaʿfiqah, yet they have failed to do so and not brought anything that justifies their attacks upon other Salafis, students of knowledge and shaykhs.

As for us, we simply sat with Shaykh Muḥammad during our visits and in the course of such sittings when he raised the topic with us of his own accord, he did not bring such evidences that necessitate the nature and severity of the disparagement that he has entered into. And that is exactly what we stated.

Finally, where is the proof for calling for a boycott against Salafi students of knowledge, claiming that they are bankrupt (empty-pocketed) in knowledge (when that is patently false), and treating them as if they are people of desires and innovations? This is what Shaykh Rabīʿ has demanded, the proof for these severe judgements. So either the proof is brought, in which case the major scholars like Shaykh Rabīʿ will be the first to follow it, and we likewise will follow it, or it is upon the one in error to recant and repent from his error as Shaykh Rabīʿ has stated. This is where the situation stands as it is and irrelevant technicalities such as this one regarding our bayān is not going to change the situation one bit.

In conclusion, the respected reader should understand that it was Shaykh Muḥammad Ibn Hādī who invited us to his home and it was he who disparaged the students of knowledge in our presence and it was he who, since that time, has not provided the Salafis and their Scholars with valid proof to justify his severe disparagement and warning. For this reason, it has been rejected by other scholars and Shaykh Rabīʿ has requested him to recant from this unjustified oppression.

Maktabah Salafiyyah 29th Shaʿban 1439H

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