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Revolutions, Coups and Revolts Were Not the Way of the Righteous Salaf in Repelling Oppression and Tyranny
The Shaikh and Imaam, Abdul-Lateef bin Abdur-Rahmaan bin Hasan Aal Shaikh - may Allaah have mercy upon them all - said, in powerful words that uncover ...
Monday, July 05 2010 - by Manhaj.Com
Al-Hasan al-Basree (d. 110H): Al-Hajjaaj bin Yusuf is the Punishment of Allaah
Ibn Sa'd relates in his Tabaqaat al-Kubraa (7/163-165): A group of Muslims came to al-Hasan al-Basree seeking a verdict to rebel against al-Hajjaaj ...
Monday, July 05 2010 - by Manhaj.Com
Ibn Abil-Izz al-Hanafi: Allaah Empowers Tyrannical, Oppressive Rulers Over the Subjects Due to Their Own Oppression and Corruption
Ibn Abil-Izz al-Hanafi stated in explanation of the saying of Imaam at-Tahaawi, "We do not consider (the permissibility) of revolting against our leaders ...
Monday, July 05 2010 - by Manhaj.Com
Ibn al-Qayyim: It is From the Divine Wisdom That Kings and Rulers Are Simply a Manifestation of the Actions of the Servants, Like for Like
The great scholar, Ibn al-Qayyim wrote, in explanation of the reality that the actions of the servants become manifest in those placed in authority over ...
Monday, July 05 2010 - by Manhaj.Com

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