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Lamont Battle: Resentful Hater Who Accuses Ahl al-Sunnah of Cultism: 30 Mistakes in 3 Minutes Whilst Reading From Text
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Monday, September 18 2017 - by Abu.Iyaad
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Below is an audio and a video (both were sent to us) in which Lamont Battle, a resentful hater who slanders Salafis and refers to them as a cult with his pseudo-academic babble, is given a taste of his own medicine on the issue of Qur'an recitation. For many years now, this man has been slandering Salafis and their communities and accusing them of being uneducated, unacademic and operating like a cult. On social media he has participated in finding fault with Salafis in Quran recitation, and making it appear as if he is learned. Some brothers followed him up and sent these media resources to us. Please note that this not "picking faults". This is giving a slandering criminal a taste of his own medicine so that he realises his true position for the benefit of his own soul. He should thank the creators of these media resources for bringing him out of cloud cuckoo land and back into actual reality.

First the audio, click to play (or download MP3):

There are a lot more mistakes than 30 in this clip, many were not addressed, and you will pick upon them quite easily. The actual duration of the recitation that has been analysed is less than 3 minutes. Click to stream-play the video:

Lamont Battle is part of a network that includes Shadeed Muhammad (see here), Muhammad Munir, Abdul Haqq Baker (Brixton) (see here) and others who accuse Salafis of being a cult and of worshipping certain scholars. Their slanders are not new and go back to the 1990s when the Qutbists, Suroorists and generality of Kharijites began to use the terms "the Jaami Cult", "the Madkhali Cult", "Salafiyyah Jadeedah" and so on. Their reason for doing so was that the heads of misguidance that they were following (Sayyid Qutb, Hasan al-Banna, Safar, Salman, Abd al-Rahman Abd al-Khaliq etc.) were refuted by scholars such as Shaykh Rabee and Shaykh Muhammad Amaan. They were calling to the manhaj of the Khawaarij on the one hand and laying down false principles (in the name of Salafiyyah) to prevent Ahl al-Sunnah from refuting, disparaging and warning against deviation and those who spread it. The reason being, that they needed large audiences and numbers for their activities to be fruitful and they needed to accommodate all types of people from different sects and parties. Thus, they fought against the usool of the Salaf that relate to Innovators and showing walaa and baraa around the sound belief and methodology, so that no one would care about unity around issues of Tawhid, Aqidah, Sunnah, and instead around other subsidiary issues, causes and concerns.

Today, this same slander is being repeated by those who got caught up in the tribulations of misguided Ikhwanis who came later such as Abu al-Hasan al-Ma'ribi in the 2000s (see this page to see his reality). These people either supported this Ikhwani innovator or they deserted the truth and its people therein after knowing the truth and instead allied with the defenders and allies of this innovator. Al-Ma'ribee spoke ill of the Companions (referring to them as "scum"), he laid down principles to defend the statements of disbelief that emanated from Sayyid Qutb and his own statements in reviling the Companions. He laid down principles to excuse, shield and accommodate the various deviant jamaa'aat and much much more. So the Salafi scholars stood against his deviation and exposed his misguidance in a detailed, thorough manner. This tribulation led to splitting of Salafis: a) Those who supported the evidence based position with the many scholars who provided it, this includes Shaykh Ahmad al-Najmee, Shaykh Zayd al-Madkhali, Shaykh Rabi bin Hadi, Shaykh Ubayd al-Jabiri and many others. b) Those who staunchly defended al-Ma'ribee and his futile principles (such as Abu Usamah Khaleefah, Abd al-Qadir Baksh of Luton). And c) those who played games in the middle, claiming to be on the truth and recognising the errors (they signed a bayaan to this effect), but then turned on their backs, fled on their heels and allied with al-Ma'ribee, and they are the likes of Ali al-Halabi, Saleem al-Hilali, Usamah al-Qoosee. It is with this group that Abdul Haqq Baker and Brixton positioned themselves. See this post which has a translation of the bayaan in which the aforementioned acknowledged the misguidance of al-Ma'ribee. Only shortly after, they contradicted it and did not abide by what it required from them in walaa and baraa and turned on their heels. Then their situation deteriorated after that.

This network (Battle, Baker, Shadeed, Munir) has observed that the Salafi da'wah, under the guidance of Salafi scholars has led to tremendous unity in the West (particularly in the UK). This, in spite of all the harms, obstacles and tribulations that came from the likes of al-Ma'ribee, or al-Hajuri more lately. Likewise, despite the aggressive activities of their followers and defenders in the West. Likewise, despite the many waves of propaganda campaigns against the likes of Maktabah Salafiyyah since the late 1990s. So we have this unity alhamdulillaah. Despite this, all they see is disunity, chaos, confusion. But that is only in their minds and imaginations. They chose disunity and confusion for themselves in past tribulations and are simply projecting their own realities onto others.

So now they are involved in these pitiful and desparate attempts, slandering Salafis by referring to them as a "cult" and portraying that they are "uneducated", "dropouts" and so on. Their motives behind this are along the following lines: They themselves desire a da'wah that does not value the principles of the Salafi methodology and they have friendships, alliances and loyalties that are unsavoury. Knowing that their errors will be spoken about (because they often try to justify these errors as being from the Salafi methodology), they are trying to erect barriers, scare people, and prevent people from becoming aware of their errors, some of which are extremely serious and grave (like those of Shadeed Muhammad). Hence, some of them use the "cult" angle (like Battle and Baker), others are using "race" angle (like Shadeed) and others are using the "monopoly" angle like Tahir Wyatt.

Update: 15th Muharram 1439/5th October 2017

Mr. Battle: Hating on Shaykh Rabīʾ and Describing People's Garages But No Gheerah for Sanctities of the Dīn

Bismillāh wal-Ḥamdulillāh. I just listened to an audio clip that has been circulated about which I have been reassured that it is the voice of Lamont Battle, and numerous qarāʾīn indicate that this is the case. If he disputes this, then let him make his denial. He says: "There come's a point in a time where we have to identify the problem, so right now, you know people are cutting grass, but we are not pulling up the weeds. If we don't cut the grass and pull up the weeds, we're not going to be able to plant seeds. I'ma just say this bluntly, direct. Like it who like it, don't like who don't like it. Talk about rebuilding but, the scholars are part of the problem of our destruction in America! Let me bring you up to speed [name], maybe you were away, but I was there..." Then he proceeds to revile Shaykh Rabīʾ by saying that his brother in law is in a body bag in Irāq (after joining ISIS) because of Shaykh Rabīʾs warning against the Ḥizbī and liar Abū Muslimah over fifteen years ago! Then he recollects QSS and their conferences with Alī al-Ḥalabī, Jaʿfar Idrīs, Abū Usāmah, Usāmah al-Qūsī, Abū Muslimah, Salīm al-Hilālī and others and how they played a role in his guidance, and how allegedly that was destroyed by the fatwā of a scholar.

Battle has prerviously used this cut the grass and pull up the weeds catchphrase:

If this is an authentic audio clip and these are the words of Lamont Battle, then his affair is clearer than daylight (before it was as clear as daylight). Previously, Battle tried to make it appear as if he respects the scholars. However, that was only to add to his list of alleged credentials to make it appear that he is a bona fide student of knowledge who respects Shaykh Rabiʿ and that it is simply those whom he refers to as "Salafī Cultists" who have used the Shaykh for their own ends. This angle did not work for Mr. Battle--because it was false from its very beginning--and it appears now that his heart has the same poison of grievance, resentment and hate as Shadeed and Munīr. His true colours have been revealed. Before it was the "Cultists" that were the problem. Now its turns out that Shaykh Rabīʿ is the actual problem.

Here is the sad state of Mr. Battle: We have exposed what is with Shadeed Muḥammad of calamities in the dīn, in his speech that Tawḥīd as a means of rectifying the individual and the society being magical thinking, not logical and not realistic. His reversing of the Prophetic methodology in daʿwah. His belittlement of Allāh's Rubūbiyyah and speaking with the poison of the Muʾtazilah Qadariyyah. His belittlement of the Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) with the degrading label of "alpha male" which is used by hate-filled non-Muslims to denigrate him and his arrogant persistence in using this label after the matter was made clear to him. How he is bringing influences of people like Umar Johnson into his daʿwah. His attempt to justify protests and marches through his lie against ʿĀʾishah (radiyallaahu anhaa) that she protested against ʿAlī (radiyallaahu anhu), which supports the cause of the Rāfiḍah and other issues too numerous to speak of or write about. Instead of taking his errors back, Shadeed has arrogantly defended his statements or tried to explain them away in far-fetched ways.

Angry for the sake of Shadeed Muḥammad (and not for the sake of Allāh, His Messenger and the Companions), and resentful that his plans to vilify Salafīs as a "cult" have backfired upon him, Mr. Battle has resorted to slandering people, accusing them of what they are free of, effectively stalking them and describing the size and shape of their homes and garages! We have concern for the uṣūl of the dīn and Mr. Battle is talking about people's garages in his refutations! This is a clear sign of bankruptcy.

And now, as a complete coward, Mr. Battle (and co.) are dumping his so called "files" on the tube using an anonymous account referring to himself as the son of Adam! Basically, he has regurgitated 20 years of lies, slanders and rumours, put them into videos, uploaded them in stealth to the tube under an anonymous account, so that the slanderous and libellous statements cannot be traced to a specific individual (to avoid legal action). Why does he not publish them using his known social media accounts? Because he knows he has nothing but lies, slanders, gossip and rumours. Even the half-witted from his audience that listen to him ought to know he has nothing and is only fuelled by hate and anger.

As I mentioned in the previous update on this page, this is not from our way, to create fake, anonymous accounts on Twitter or on the Tube to attack people. Our criticisms and refutations are open, clear and signed and dated and on our own websites. However, it is the way of Mr. Battle and those who are working with him that is the way of the untruthful and cowardly.

Update: 11th Muharram 1439/1st October 2017

This morning I (Abu Iyaad) have been informed by two people that Lamont Battle has publicly accused me of creating fake social media accounts to attack him. This is another gross slander and Lamont Battle is notified of the following:

  1. All of our speech on this jamaa'ah (Shadeed, Munir and company) is around knowledge based issues of creed or methodology in which they have erred with clear indisputable errors. We take their words, document them, transcribe them, explain them without twisting those words and take their words upon their clear, unambigiuous apparent meanings, and then explain, with evidences, how they are erroneous and must be recanted from. We quote from the Quran, the Sunnah and the sayings of the Salaf.

    By Allaah (والله وبالله وتالله), I have never, ever, created social media accounts on Twitter, Youtube etc. to attack or troll this group (including Battle) and nor anyone before them who have been spoken against on any of our sites, ever, walhamdulillaah and I call Allaah to witness over this. Rather, all of the detailed refutations are right here to see on this website, signed and dated, and this is our way wal-hamdulillaah. We do not have time for games, especially not with fools.

  2. Lamont Battle is an ahmaq (fool). He is behaving currently, as is Shadeed, as if like a wounded animal in the throes of death who is making the final few haphazard plunges agains its foe, but missing the mark badly and only hastening its demise. His latest slander against me is a manifestation of this.

  3. One should note that all the twenty or so articles written in the past are regarding Shadeed Muhammad, Tahir Wyatt and Muhammad Munir for their mistakes or slanders. Only one article was posted recently about Lamont Battle (this one right here) and it was not on any knowledge based issue because he does not deserve that and is not at that level. As for the others, they are Madinah students, they have an audience, and people actually listen to them and will be affected by their errors and their claims. As for Battle, he is an ahmaq (a fool) and a pretender and he knows that for sure in his own soul (that he is a liar and a pretender). So we have no concern with this fool, save to show that he is a fool who requires no response and no great attention. Hence, we published the two media clips above that were sent to us by others (we did not create them or asked for them to created). And this was not initiated by us, rather he had been belittling Salafis by criticising them for their Qur'an recitation whilst bigging himself up. So he was simply given a taste of his own medicine and a reality check. That's all he needed and nothing else. And the medicine worked for him, though it left some nasty side-effects which we are witnessing right now.

  4. After theses media clips were published and Battle was given a taste of his own medicine and brought back to reality, it appears that he then started going ballistic on his twitter accounts as people were sending screenshots of many of his erratic, reactionary tweets to us in which he made accusations of zinaa, of being government informants and infiltrators and of being funded by enemies of Islam, and just posting really silly, unconnected things, making ad hominem (personal attacks), delving into personal affairs and so on.

  5. It also appears that he gained some trolls who started harassing him via social media accounts. Battle has made a great misjudgement and wrongly thought that because this article was posted about him and other articles were posted about Shadeed and Munir, that these accounts were set up by me.

So I say: Lamont Battle is an ahmaq (fool) and his hamaaqah (foolishness) becomes clearer and clearer to everyone by the day. I will not stoop so low so as to ask him to recant and apologise to me because, judging by his behaviour so far, he does not have that sense of justice and it appears that Shaytaan has gained mastery over his nafs in this issue. So all I will say is that may Allaah's curse be upon the liar. Whoever is lying, may Allaah's curse be upon the liar. And if he is truthful, then let him call Allaah to witness and invoke the curse of Allaah upon the liar. I am free and innocent of his evil slander and I have no concern whatsoever with his personal or private affairs.

The truth is clear and apparent for everyone to see and it is as simple as this: Shadeed Muhammad, Tahir Wyatt, Muhammad Munir, this jamaa'ah, this jamaa'ah desires inhiraaf from the Salafi creed or methodology. It is crystal clear with some of them such as Shadeed Muhammad whose misguidance is manifest. The others are more restrained, calculated and careful in what or how they say things. However, Muhammad Munir has also exposed some of what he concealed previously. And all of it has at its basis intense hatred and dislike of what Shaykh Rabee bin Haadee has done to stand and defend the Salafi creed and methodology from deviants like al-Ma'ribee, al-Halabi, al-Ramadani and al-Ruhayli. And these individuals, their writings, false principles and ideas provided the intellectual justification for people like Tahir Wyatt and company to engage in a wishy-washy, watered down da'wah in the West, cut off from scholars who speak the truth and clarify it. So because all of that was demolished and they are left exposed and having to tread very carefully (like Tahir Wyatt), then they are resentful and hateful. In turn, they are now bringing certain angles to justify their departure. Shadeed is bringing a highly racialised narrative. Wyatt is using the monolopy and control route. Others are making the "cult" accusation. They have tried to so far not to speak ill, blatantly, of scholars like Shaykh Rabee' and show some degree of respect, but recently, they have torn down that facade and made clear what is in their hearts.

As for Battle, then he is an ahmaq, a wannabe, a loser and we care not for him and his stupidity. As for whoever is engaging with him on social media, then we do not agree with this way. Our way is to refute on knowledge-based issues. We have no time to wrangle, argue or waste time with these people when their misguidance is clear. Nor do we have any interest or concern for their personal lives or their livelihood. This has never, ever, ever been our way walhamdulillaah. However, we have often seen that this is the way of the Innovators, deviants and those with hateful hearts. When refuted, Shaytaan gains mastery over them and they turn the affair into a personal vendetta. They are the ones who use fake accounts on forums or social media and spread slanders, lies or try to tarnish those who spoke about them. We know from experience for close to twenty years that this is the way of these people and we are free and innocent of it walhamdulillaah.

So once more, let it be known that we call Allaah to witness that Battle is a liar in this claim of his and he has made a repugnant error on the basis of hatred mixed with soo' al-dhann (suspicion) and Shaytaan toying with his mind. We do not expect him to have such honesty and fear of Allaah to openly take back his claim and apologise to us for this mighty slander. Thus, we leave his affair--and what an evil one it is--with Allaah.

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