Ibn Abil-Izz al-Hanafi: Allaah Empowers Tyrannical, Oppressive Rulers Over the Subjects Due to Their Own Oppression and Corruption
Monday, July 05 2010 - by Manhaj.Com
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Ibn Abil-Izz al-Hanafi stated in explanation of the saying of Imaam at-Tahaawi, "We do not consider (the permissibility) of revolting against our leaders and rulers of our affair, even if they are tyrannical...", as occurs in Sharh Aqidah at-Tahawiyyah (1/430):

أما لزوم طاعتهم وإن جاروا فلأنه يترتب على الخروج من طاعتهم من المفاسد اضعاف ما يحصل من جورهم بل في الصبر على جورهم تكفير السيئات ومضاعفة الأجور فإن الله تعالى ما سلطهم علينا إلا لفساد أعمالنا والجزاء من جنس العمل فعلينا الإجتهاد في الإستغفار والتوبة وإصلاح العمل قال تعالى <<وما أصابكم من مصيبة فبما كسبت أيديكم ويعفو عن كثير>> وقال تعالى <<أو لما أصابتكم مصيبة قد أصبتم مثليها قلتم أنى هذا قل هو من عند أنفسكم>> وقال تعالى <<ما أصابك من حسنة فمن الله وما أصابك من سيئة فمن نفسك>> وقال تعالى <<وكذلك نولي بعض الظالمين بعضا بما كانوا يكسبون>> فإذا أراد الرعية أن يتخلصوا من ظلم الأمير الظالم فليتركوا الظلم وعن مالك بن دينار أنه جاء في بعض كتب الله أنا الله مالك الملك قلوب الملوك بيدي فمن أطاعني جعلتهم عليه رحمة ومن عصاني جعلتهم عليه نقمة فلا تشغلوا أنفسكم بسب الملوك لكن توبوا أعطفهم عليكم

And as for adhering to obedience to them (the Rulers), even if they commit oppression, then this is because the evils and harms that arise on account of rebelling against them is numerous times more than that which occurs as a result of the oppression of the Rulers themselves. Rather, in having patience over their oppression there is expiation of sins, and a multiplication of the reward.

For Allaah did not empower them over us, except due to the corruption in our actions, and the recompense for an action is its like (al-jazaa'u min jins il-'amal). Hence, it is upon us to strive (ijtihaad) in seeking forgiveness, making repentance and rectification of our actions.

Allaah the Most High said, "And whatever affliction befalls you, then it is from what your hands have earned, yet He pardons many." (42:30), and He, the Most High said, "If a calamity befell you (the believers),[your enemies] were inflicted with twice as much, but you said, "Where did this(calamity) come from?" Say: It has come from your own selves." (3:165), and He the Most High said, "And whatever evil befalls you, then it is from your own soul." (4:79), and He the Most High said, "And thus do we turn some of the oppressors against others on account of what they used to earn." (6:129).

Hence, if the subjects (of a state) wish to save themselves from the oppression of the tyrannical ruler, then let them abandon oppression themselves. And from Malik bin Deenaar (who said) that it has come in some of the (previous revealed) Books of Allaah:

"I am the King of the dominion, the hearts of the kings are in my Hand. So whoever obeyed me, I made them (the kings) a mercy over him, and whoever disobeyed me, I made them a vengeance upon him. So do not occupy yourselves with reviling the kings, but rather repent and I will make them compassionate upon you."

All of the jamaa'aat (groups) that have appeared in the 20th century, claiming to rectify the Ummah, have fallen into deviation in their methodologies of reform and they have not judged by what Allaah has revealed in their understandings, their methodologies and their calls. They wrongly believe by removing one ruler, or one government they can establish Allaah's law, or that they can do so through political parties that engineer coups and revolutions while turning a blind eye to or belittling the fact that the Muslims are far removed from that Islaam which gave honour and victory to the Companions, but upon an Islaam tainted with innovations, devations, foreign philosophies and ideologies in the fields of aqidah and ibaadah and manhaj and siyaasah. And thus, that tainted Islam they are following does not have the same effect in bringing about the aid and support of Allaah and the granting of success as that pure Islaam, with its purity in aqidah, and Tawhid, that the Companions were upon.

The activities of these groups claiming to rectify the Ummah are based upon methodologies that are in opposition to the Book, the Sunnah and the way of the Righteous Salaf whose belief and methodology Allaah has made a criterion of truth in all affairs of the religion.

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